Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Card Game '

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The Card Game One evening, on a cold rainy night. I sat at my grandparents kitchen table. I stared into my grandpa’s glossy green eyes as I knew I was about to win this game of crazy 8’s. All of the sudden he dropped his cards on the table, stood up, and started to walk around. I called out to him asking where he was going, he did not answer. I started to follow him, when he abruptly stopped at the front door of his newly built house. I glanced at him and noticed he was just staring off into the distance. I ask him what he heard, he did not say one word, but made a faint sigh, as he turned around and made his way back to the kitchen table. Then we continued our game like nothing ever happened. A couple of weeks later, there we were again, in an intense battle of crazy 8’s. I noticed he was staring at his hand of 7 cards. I wait patiently for him to put one of his cards down. Its taking him a couple of minutes when abruptly he lashed out with a loud yell towards me. “STOP!” As quickly as he screamed, he went back to an emotionless stare. He sighed as he finally laid a card down. The rest of the night was quiet. All that was heard was the house moaning and groaning as you walked about it. As I sat in my living room by myself. I started to wonder, what is really happening to grandpa? Why is his face so emotionless? Why will he not talk anymore? Why does he lash out towards people? I started to get the faint smell of cookies. Specifically my grandmas favorite, galletas.…

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