Analysis Of The Book ' The Book Thief ' Essay

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Major Works Review
1. Title- The Book Thief
2. Author- Markus Zusak
3. Date of Original Publication- 2005
4. Novel Type- Historical Fiction
1. Point of View- Death
2. Relationship to Meaning- As an omniscient force Death can provide insight on several different events happening all over the world at different points in time, and thoughts running through all the characters’ heads, while also being able to share his own thoughts and feelings about humanity.
3. Plot Structure-
a. Exposition- Death is introduced as a thoughtful and observant narrator. He then reveals Liesel’s brother’s death, her journey to Molching, and her background as the book thief. Death talks about the three times he will see Liesel, foreshadowing the rest of the book.
b. Inciting Incident- Liesel is taken to a foster home and Molching, where she meets her new parents Rosa and Hans Hubermann.
c. Events contributing to rising action- Liesel warms up to her parents and comes to love them, especially her father, who teaches her to read. She becomes friends with Rudy Steiner, her neighbor on Himmel Street. He proves himself as a great friend several times, and they begin their career in theft together. Liesel also forms an unlikely friendship with Ilsa Hermann, they mayor’s wife, who allows Liesel to read books in her massive library. Max, the son of Hans’ Jewish friend who saved his life in World War I, shows up at their home to be hidden by Liesel and her family. Liesel’s family grows to…

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