Analysis Of The Book ' The Book Of Salt ' By Monique Truong Essay example

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In the novels The Book of Salt and Americanah the patriarchal system of oppression that has held constant is challenged in a variety of ways. The Book of Salt written by Monique Truong, is narrated by Bình a Vietnamese immigrant who was essentially exiled from his country due to his sexuality, he recounts his life as a servant for the famous American writer Gertrude Stein and the struggles that he faced. The way that he speaks about Gertrude Stein in the novel indicates that she is an independent woman, who does not rely on the company or finances of a man. In “The Book of Salt” Gertrude Stein is a prominent figure in society and is self-supporting through her success in her career and abstains from the traditional role of housewife that was chosen for her based on her designated sex-role. The novel Americanah written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, is a novel that looks at the life of Ifemelu and her romance with a school sweetheart Obinze. The novel observes her life from three different vital times; when she is young and in college with Obinze her life during her fellowship in America, and upon her homecoming. Throughout the course of her life Ifemelu is successful in her academic and professional endeavors which lead to her ability to be another self-supporting woman. The characters have agency in a unique way as they are capable of making the decisions to actively defy gender roles. Agency is known as one’s ability to make choices or exert power; women lack agency in…

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