Analysis Of The Book ' The Book Of Tells ' Essay

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Citation. Collett, P. (2003). The book of tells: How to read people’s minds from their actions.
London, United Kingdom: Doubleday.
Tells are a recognizable action or a method of performing an action that reveal something about a person that is not otherwise easily observable (Collett, 2003, p.15). The Book of Tells, written by social psychologist Dr. Peter Collett, decodes tells to explain what these subtle clues of human behaviour and motivations are telling us. By delving into the emotional and biological rationale behind unscripted and scripted behaviours he helps the reader have a better understanding of human interactions.
Dr. Collett is clearly fascinated by human behavior as he has dedicated much of his career to studying people’s actions and motivations. He has attempted to translate his passion into this book in hopes of sharing his fascination with the general public. The Book of Tells is an informative and helpful text, and while it might be a bit challenging for the casual reader it would be interesting for someone intrigued by human behaviour. The book does have an aura of academia and is at times hard to progress through the scholarly approach taken in much of the narrative; however, when the author uses stories and popular culture references he makes a more lasting connection between the material and the reader.
This critical review will prove that the author is a legitimate authority on the topic that the book is well-written and…

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