Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Blonde Boy '

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I impatiently wait for my ride to arrive, hoping my mom doesn 't get home before I leave. It is almost 6:30 when a black truck pulls into my driveway. I put on my bag and walk out of the house. As I walk, I try look into the truck but the tinted windows block my view of what 's on the inside. A guy suddenly comes behind me opening the door and gently placing his hand on my lower back, leading me into the truck. Before I get the chance to get a good look at him he closes the door and walks around the back of the truck. He opens the door, giving me a small smile. When he sits down he puts his hand out and I shake it. His hands are surprisingly soft and are almost double the size of mine.
"So, you 're the great Jordyn that Simon has been talking about!" The blonde boy says excitedly. His Irish accent is thick, but still understandable.
"And you 're one of the boys in that band, right?" I asked unsure of myself. The boy laughs, shaking his head.
"Yeah, my names Niall! Greg wasn 't able to pick you up, so Simon asked me to come." I nod my head, and he smiles at me trying to lighten the mood.
Niall starts up the truck and we drive for about five minutes in silence. I turn on music, hoping to make the atmosphere a bit more comfortable for us. I lay my head back and just listen while trying to relax. Everything is changing so fast in my life. Just this morning I was in the hospital and now I am going to work in London. It 's exciting, but scary at the same time.
A song comes on the…

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