Analysis Of The Book ' The Biggest Change ' Essay

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The biggest change in Krogstad 's values came when he reconnected with his former girlfriend Kristine Linde. Kristine was sent by Nora to try and make Krogstad recant his blackmail letter but she arrived with her own agenda in mind. The meeting opened old wounds for Krogstad and he found himself livid with the reminder of his past heartbreak. When Kristine tried to defend her past actions, Krogstad was first rigid in his views and refused to forgive her: "Was there any more to understand - except what 's all too common in life? A calculating woman throws over a man the moment a better catch comes by." (Ibsen, 1140) However, he quickly had a change of heart once Kristine reflected on the prospect of them getting back together. This event signaled a change in Krogstad because Kristine gave him the acceptance that he had been searching for. Furthermore, she saw that Krogstad could move beyond his past and become a better person. She was willing to give him a chance which was more than anyone had ever given him. This acceptance gave Krogstad a newfound confidence to push beyond whatever difficulties he could face. With Kristine 's acceptance as his motivation, he resolved to continue his attempt to move forward in life: "Kristine, thank you, thank you - Now I know I can win back a place in their eyes." (Ibsen, 1141) The comfort of knowing that he had at least one person to rely on in difficult times was enough to let him make peace with losing his job. It also grounded him…

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