Analysis Of The Book ' The Big Word ' Love ' Essay

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Although it is a controversial belief, love at first sight can be defined as falling in love with “someone” for the first time after just seeing him or her. Falling in love has been described as an ability, a concept, and/or feeling of love when with or without your significant other or crush. Now, the big word, Love, is a controversial meaning through cultures, novels, and even people. There have been varied definitions all aligned with an overwhelming feeling. The exact phrase “love at first sight” means immediate feeling of strong said love, lust, or attraction to a single person, place, or thing upon seeing them, this idiom originated from Western Literature. Yet, as a lover-less and outside life-less woman I have not experienced love at first sight, but only through lost wandering eyes on the bus. So how would I know this is true? Well, I focus on the origin of this statement, Western Literature. History has taught me that stories are based on real life experiences through knowledge of Greek and Latin mythology, Shakespearean sonnets and plays, along with twenty-first century informative documentaries. I know that love at first sight is possible to define and to attain whether I am one hundred and forty or twenty. Pyramus and Thisbe, Paris and Helena, Metiochos and Parthenope, Orpheus and Eurydice. These are just some of the many prime examples of recorded love at first sight instances starting from 530 B.C. Of course, all of these occurrences were classified as…

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