Analysis Of The Book ' The Big Heart ' Essay

1150 Words Mar 9th, 2016 5 Pages
In a small town of Elkhorn, Nebraska, there was a young man of the name of Noah Meyer. Noah is about 5’11 with brown eyes and a big heart. In fact with Noah’s big heart is he is in love with a beautiful girl named Wendy Peffercorn. She is the most popular girl at Elkhorn High School, and everybody in the school believes she is beautiful. Although every boy in the school loves her, she unfortunately has a boyfriend by the name of Max Fedde. Max Fedde is the biggest bully in school and is very rude to Wendy in general. Max is 6’4 with huge biceps and beats up anybody in his sight. Although Wendy is taken, Noah has been in love with her ever since the time he laid his eyes on her pretty face. Max and Noah are archenemies, but share the same love for Wendy Peffercorn. Noah needs to find a way to win over Wendy from Max, but this task is not an easy one. Noah plans to trick, fight, and sweet talk to win over Wendy and he believes he can win her over. First off, Noah has to plan a way to trick Max so he can display his love for Wendy. Noah plans to surprise her in some way to make her heart melt. Noah first has to trick Max before he can make his move, and his trick is solely legendary. In the morning at Elkhorn High, Noah tells Max that he is needed to be seen in the principal’s office, and this works because Max is a regular in the Principal’s office. Noah then slyly finds Wendy in the lunchroom before school and turns on his music to sing to her and Wendy is shocked. Noah’s…

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