Analysis Of The Book ' The Beginning Of Chapter Three ' Essay

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In the beginning of chapter three, Ellen is describing a day in her new home. She explains that she will be the one to ride Dolphin, the pony after breakfast today. Throughout this chapter she tells about her pony ride and her new family. Ellen also flashes back on her mother’s funeral. Ellen describes that she wore a red checkered suit and waited for her aunt Nadine, who was in charge of the funeral, to instruct her where to go. While waiting, she stated that her father was curious if she planned to tell anyone about everything that happened on the night of her mother’s death. Nadine instructed Ellen that she would be in the first car, and they proceeded to the funeral. At the start of chapter four, Ellen’s still recalling the ride to the funeral when she states that her aunt was “so glad to be out of a colored town”. This statement leads me to believe that Ellen and her family are Caucasian, and have negative feelings towards differing races. Once Ellen arrived at the church, she saw her grandmother who has hostile feelings towards her father, and even called him vulgar names. Eventually, the funeral concluded and Ellen refused to watch her mother being put in the ground. In chapter five, Ellen returned home from the funeral and her daddy left as soon as they arrived. Ellen decided to go to school the next day, and decided to wear some of her mother’s clothing. At school, Ellen could tell that her teachers had questions, but she chose not to discuss it. Ellen’s…

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