Analysis Of The Book ' The Beatles ' Essay

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In the fifth section, Gladwell talks about the story of the Beatles, how they were given opportunities and how practicing over ten thousand hours led them to achieve a great success. The author focuses on the nine several opportunities that Bill Gates had, he uses it to prove to us that Bill Gates thrived due to different factors and not just from his talent. Also, he asserts that opportunities Bill Gates had given him an extra time to practice. In the sixth section, here the author combines the stories of the Hockey players, the Beatles, Bill Joy and Bill Gates to show us a complete picture of the path of success. He asserts that what separates the histories of them is not their talents, but their “extraordinary opportunity”. He supports his point being listing couple of famous people around the world, where he asserts that they both had vision and talent but they were also given an extraordinary opportunity. He draws our attention to a pattern that most of the software tycoons in Silicon Valley were born in the year 1955. He closes the chapter by arguing that “success is not exclusively on individual merit, but as a product of the world in which the successful ones grew up”. One of the themes Malcolm Gladwell talks about is success and Failure, he argues that one’s success originated from a variety of factors, also he believes that it involves looking at why various groups of people prosper and why some fail. He included stories of several successful people that…

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