Analysis Of The Book ' The Alchemist ' Essay

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The book the Alchemist tells the story of a boy named Santiago. He travels across the world in order to find a treasure that he sees in his dream when he sleeps underneath a sycamore tree. He is told to go to the Egyptian pyramids and find the treasure there and eventually he does but not before being faced with a whole bunch of conflicts and problems such as thugs, mother nature and love. The exposition has no setting at all because Santiago travels across the world and back to find his treasure. The climax however was when he is at the base of the pyramids and while he is looking for the treasure, men come and beat him up and make fun of him and tells him of the dream that they have of treasure underneath a sycamore tree. The resolution is that in the end, Santiago finds his treasure underneath the sycamore tree where he slept for many days and the treasure was right underneath his nose the whole time and with this fortune that he found underneath the tree, he is reunited with a girl that he met on his journey named Fatima.

The novel follows a linear plot that is chronological and tells how Santiago goes through this adventurous journey to find a treasure that might not even exist. This wild goose chase starts off with Santiago talking to a gypsy about his dream with the treasure and as a result he follows their advice and goes to Tangier. Upon his arrival he gets mugged and all of his belongings are stolen from him. He joins a merchant caravan, falls in love with a girl…

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