Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer '

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This novel is a sequel to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. In this book, Tom is still involved and joins in a little plan of his own at the end. Although this is a sequel to Tom’s story, the main character is Huck who becomes a runaway with a slave named Jim. Huck escapes his abusive father and ends up finding an aristocratic family, two people who are obviously out to scam people, and Tom’s Aunt Polly. The novel is known for its satirical elements on several subjects including: family feuds, religion, romance, superstition, and the legal system. As discussed in the novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, there are two families that Huck just so happens to run into. As he settles in with one of the families there is a conversation that discusses the matters and controversy going on. One of the first conversations that are discussed is about how Bucky wants to kill the other’s family member (Twain 81). The only problem with that course of action is that Bucky has no clue as to why, he just knows it has to do with the ongoing battle between the two families. Then, later on, the conversation continues and shines light upon how they can’t even recall who committed the treacherous shooting (Twain 82). The reason as to why this is an excellent example of satirical elements in the novel is because it focus on the Civil War. Basically, these two families are different sides in the civil war and give an example as to how unnecessary it turned to at a point, where neither group no…

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