Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The 13th Warrior '

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To Be a Hero

The film The 13th Warrior is one which provides a multitude of mythic symbolism from different cultures, including Arabic, Norse and primitive cannibal tribes. By incorporating different societies, the audience gains insight to the similarities and contrasts which exist from different regions of the world when they see the actions, beliefs and lifestyles highlighted throughout the film. It’s an enjoyable tale of good versus evil with strong references to courage, fame, and fate, much like the myths of Sigurd the Volsung, The Creation, Death and Rebirth of the Universe and Esfandyar, the Prince Who Would Be King. Like the aforementioned myths, this film shows how one handles their destiny can determine whether or not they are a hero.
The premise of the story is an Arabic ambassador, named Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan, is recruited by Vikings to join their mission to conquer an evil, called The Wendol, which is vexing a remote Viking village. The Vikings help Ahmed and his caravan escape from raiders, and while staying with the Vikings a messenger comes seeking help for his village who is vexed by The Wendol. The Viking’s oracle calls for 13 men to be sent to defeat The Wendol, however, she reveals the 13th man must not be a Viking, so Ahmed is forced to join the group against his will. The Viking oracle, who uses bones to see the future, calls to mind an image of the norms, who tell the fate of humans and gods in The Creation, Death and Rebirth of the Universe. Initially,…

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