Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The 12 Angry Man '

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The 12 Angry man
1. Some of the criticism of the jury system and jury is that its broken, it doesn’t work the way it should. In the movie, “The 12 Angry Man” the jury was given the task of coming up with the decision on whether the boy on trial had killed his father or not. The 12 jurors had listened to the case, and after the lawyers were finished with their arguments, the jurors went to the jury room. after being in the room for just a few minutes 11 out of the 12 were ready to give the judge a guilty verdict. the jurors are not randomly picked; they don’t have background in in law. The jury system was designed to be a checks and balance, so that one man doesn’t decide the fate of other individuals, it’s supposed to be fair and just. In some case all of the jury members are from one race, there is very little diversity in jury’s.
In the movie the 12-member jury were all white males. Few of the other criticism of the jury system is that, some of the jury members are too young, the jury gets its wrong, the expanses are high, they take too long, it’s waste of time, can be biased against one party or the other. The defendant can manipulate the system, jurors want to return to work as soon as possible, and once the jury gives a verdict it can’t be retried. In the movie few of the jurors wanted to give the guilty verdict right, without even discussing the case because they wanted to go home, and one of them had bought tickets to a baseball game that was at…

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