Analysis Of The Book ' That Hideous Strength ' Essay

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Role of a woman in her society has changed since the twentieth century. Women are coming out as more successful and independent than their male counterparts. The most important, women are paying attention to getting themselves educated. Even though we have come far enough where most women do not need follow any “societal rules” there are certain traditions which have continued to stick in the minds of a society. The author C. S. Lewis has depicted portrayal of women in the society in his plot through the eyes of other people as well. This will be my main focus for the literary analysis of the book “That Hideous Strength”.
Surprisingly, a woman herself might not feel the same attitude towards some norm behaviors institutionalized by society regarding women in particular. The author points out, “She had before now expressed some contempt for the kind of woman who buys hats, as a man buys drinks, for a stimulant and a consolation” (11). In here Jane feels ‘contempt’ towards a specific behavior of a woman which is buying hats. Buying a hat is a very simple action. It does not necessarily depict any gender role in itself but looking through the view point of the character, buying a hat is considered a feminine behavior. The main character has also compared this action with the action of a man buying drink. A man buying a drink is one of the popular social norms. Now the question arises- Why is the character feeling negative emotions towards this general behavior of women? I…

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