Analysis Of The Book ' Tess Of The D ' Urbervilles By Thomas Hardy

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Throughout our lives we learn to associate colors with emotions and signals. One of the very first colors we learn is red. We link the color red with danger, pain, sin, love, passion, evil and impure desires. In the book Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Thomas Hardy takes advantage off of this and uses the color to give symbolism to the book. Since the first pages of the book, he uses the color to foreshadow Tess’ destiny. The book starts with a traditional dance of the town. Tess is on her way to the May Day Dance. All the women are wearing white dresses and carrying white flowers. “She wore a red ribbon in her hair and was the only one of the company who could boast of such a pronounced adornment.” (pg.25) In this scene she is the only one that has color in her outfit. Not just any color but red. She is wearing a white dress, purity and innocence but the red ribbon is marking her life with impurity and evil. This would be the first of many times red will stain her path. Not far from this event, Tess comes once again involved with red. In her way to Casterbridge, Tess had an incident with the family’s horse, Prince. She fell asleep and the torches light went out, leaving the carriage in total darkness. Another carriage was not able to see Prince in the dark and stabbed him, making them come to a stop. Tess woke up and went to Prince’s side. “In her despair Tess sprang forward and put her hand upon the hole, with the only result that she became splashed from face to skirt…

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