Analysis Of The Book ' Street Smart ' And ' Hidden Intellectualism '

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Intelligence comes in many different ways; it does not just mean having above average grades or getting a higher education. A “street smart” individual is intelligent because they have common sense and have the ability to overcome problems of everyday life through the gained knowledge of experience. English and education professor Gerald Graff from the University of Illinois at Chicago uses his article, “Hidden Intellectualism” to discuss the importance of integrating “street smarts” with academics in order to help assist students in educational learning.
Graff believes that knowledge goes beyond the academic settings and into the everyday life experiences. I agree with the past president of the Modern Language Association Gerald Graff that “street smarts” is as important as “book smarts” and there should be a way for students to benefit from both but to the extent that schools should not “develop classroom units” on popular cultural topics. The purpose of Graff’s article is to not overlook “street smarts” but instead consider them equally or even so more important than “book smarts” because it is with personal experience that people learn more about topics than by reading others’ experiences.
Graff allows the readers to relate to the topic when he makes us realize that everyone knows someone who has admiring skills that they have obtained outside a classroom setting. Graff uses his own childhood experience “between the need to prove I was smart and the fear of a…

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