Analysis Of The Book ' Strange Heaven ' By Lynn Coady Essay

1066 Words May 23rd, 2016 5 Pages
What if you could read a novel that adds to the grade 11 curriculum and was relatable? The Canadian written novel that I recently read is what goodreads would call “a tearfully hilarious, as funny and appalling as real life” novel titled “Strange Heaven”, written by Lynn Coady. I feel like it would be the perfect piece of literature to add to our school’s reading requirement. When you are reading a book you want a story that is relatable, creates a connection between you and the protagonist as well as a helps your developments of the grade 11 themes. My book about old Bridget Manners is a touching story that exceeds all requirements of a novel that should be read. Readers get to follow Bridget’s journey from the mental wing of a children’s hospital back to her village and family in Newfoundland. Since her abortion, the cause of her stay in the mental ward, she has changed from her old partying and drinking days. We get to feel Bridget 's thoughts as well as analyze her actions as she slowly realizes that she is an outcasts among her hometown and friends. “They are dramatic, irrational and scream for seemingly no reason. They do stupid things.” (Live Science) The fact is teenage are dramatic and sometimes a little out of control. In this novel you have the opportunities to learn and grow from Bridget’s experiences. First of all she is an 18 year old high school who has to deal with the stereotypical teenage drama, drugs, parties and love. “She thought it to be…

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