Analysis Of The Book ' Stitches ' Essay

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"Stitches: A Memoir” is a true statement of a child’s life in a house where love was not the most important feeling. In the graphic novel, written by David Small, the author shares his childhood memories and presents the hostile home environment and the unique characteristics of his family. David’s family was composed by his mother, Betty, a housewife, Ed, the father-doctor and David’s older brother Ted, the drummer. During the narrative of the book we are introduced to some to of his relatives such as Grandma Murphy and her husband Papa John and also to some of David’s father 's friends and to David’s childhood crush and his mom’s best friend, Mrs. Dillon. Towards the end of the book we are presented to David’s psychologist, characterized in the book by a rabbit, who helped him to go through his memories and feelings to sort out and change his life for the better.
The narrative followed by David’s illustrations shows an intricate but vivid and painful memory of a person’s childhood. His mother, Betty influenced his life in a way that he could not understand at the time what was the real reason behind some of her attitudes and her peculiar way to communicate with him. In the first pages of the book David stated: “Mama had her little cough…” “Once or twice, some quiet sobbing, out of sight…” “Or the slamming of kitchen cupboard doors.” “That was her language.” (Small 15) “Because she never spoke her mind, we never knew what this was all about.” (16). David’s suffer a lack of…

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