Analysis Of The Book ' Star Romance Stories ' Essays

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Volume 2


The second book in this series is just as tantalizing as the first! There are hot scenes between the characters, that are wonderfully written. The plot itself develops in a fascinating, almost meta way.

While most movie star romance stories play upon Cinderella themes, this novel actually skews that idea to make a commentary on Hollywood. Jeremy and Samantha’s fake relationship looks, to any outsider, like the classic Cinderella story. Yet, as their romantic relationship is simply a ploy for Jeremy to win back ex-girlfriend Gabriella, he and Samantha form a real bond. Underneath their good looks, Samantha’s big dreams, and Jeremy’s fame, this really is just a story about two people falling in love.

Both characters in this continue to be refreshingly honest and real.

Samantha’s body image issues as she tries out gowns for the Grammy awards is relatable for any woman who has struggled with feeling sexy. Even though she’s a young, beautiful girl, in Hollywood being a size 8 can - and does - make Samantha a target for ridicule. But her relationship with Jeremy makes her feel special in a way that her ordinary life doesn’t.

For Jeremy, his relationship with Samantha grounds him in a more realistic world that his relationship with Gabriella removed him from. His confusion and vulnerability about which woman he actually desires is so realistic as well! Love and romance aren’t always so clear cut, so you feel for Jeremy as he…

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