Analysis Of The Book ' Soldier 's Home ' Essay

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War can cause emotional damages that can be hard to heal. They scar one’s mind causing them to feel unhappy, alone, and disconnected from society. This is shown in “Soldier’s Home” when a former soldier, Krebs, comes back from a war and is unable to go back to living a normal life. The destruction and violence he had witnessed in war caused him to be unable to connect with the people he was once close to. In another story called “Speaking of Courage,” a former soldier named, Norman is desperate to tell his story about his experience in war but no one is willing to listen. This causes him to imagine different scenarios of him telling his story to someone who 's willing to listen while he drives around town aimlessly. Also, in a story called “The Destructors,” a boy named, Trevor shows signs of detachment after a war. His community was torn and Trevor was left with almost nothing after the war.This causes him to seek vengeance by destroying Old Misery’s house, whom he is jealous of. In these three texts, war had caused those affected to disconnect themselves from society and leaves them feeling alone. After the war, Krebs from “Soldier’s Home” comes back feeling detached from his community. The war caused him to lose interest in things going on around him. Krebs has no motivation to do what normal people do such as getting a job, getting into a relationship, or having hobbies and interests. He doesn’t want anything to do with society instead he closes up and disconnects…

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