Analysis Of The Book ' Slot Machine ' By The Masterminds At Capecod Gaming

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Meta: Nothing says slots glory these days quite like images of Ancient Rome, something that the latest Capecod Gaming title deals out in spades. Ulisse is nothing short of a Roman thrill ride carved from stone!

Ulisse Review

A common source of inspiration for many slot machines is the mystique and splendor of civilizations from the ancient world. Whether it is rooted in the seafaring power of the Phoenicians, the god-like pharaohs of the Egyptians, the philosophical musings of the Greeks, or the mighty Roman Empire, these civilizations serve as the backdrop to many famous and well-received slot machines of today. Following in the footsteps of the titles that have come before is Ulisse. This slot machine by the masterminds at Capecod Gaming draws upon the might of the Roman Empire to deliver you a one-of-a-kind slots gambling experience.

Ulisse is fairly new to the slots scene, but it has already been well received by gamblers all across the world. Let 's take a closer look at what makes this game so popular, shall we?

Standing tall with pride

The strengths of Ulisse lies primarily in its graphical fidelity and ease of use. The relative minimalism of the backdrop makes the animations on the reels stand out that much more. All of the symbols spring to life in a burst of dazzling colour and light when you strike a winning combination - this vivacious display of animation looks especially good on newer monitors. The UI isn 't lacking either - while simple looking, it is…

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