Analysis Of The Book ' Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts '

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A portion of my assignment for this week was to read the first three chapters in a book entitled “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts.” My first thought was maybe I will just skim through it to see if something catches my attention. In all honesty I knew that was not to correct thing to do so I began by looking over the table of contents. From there I moved on to the before you begin section. It was at this point that I came to the realization that if I am going to get something out of it I have to do what is right and that is follow the rule and do what is asked. With that being said, the first chapter or question pertained to myths of marriage with honesty. This chapter or question was interesting to me. As I moved through this question I found myself answering with my honest through and even engaging my husband to see how he would respond. Some of the highlights in chapter one/question one for me were unspoken rules and my spouse make me whole. These two stood out to me the most because unspoken rules are so hard to abide by and/or break because it was not in direct existence. As far as my spouse making me whole, I feel that my spouse was and still is a blessing to me in many ways but we both can agree that it is in the hands of God to make us whole. Moving on, the second chapter or question was about identifying your love style. Passion, intimacy, and commitment were three of the main topic that this chapter/question focused on. It provided me with insight on my own…

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