Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Salt ' By Maurice Gee

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SALT by Maurice Gee is a very unique and aberrant novel, as it is set in the future where the dictatorship, called ‘Company’, rules the land leaving most of the population to live in poverty. While the poor have nothing, the rich, white ruling families of the Company live in a gated community with maids and nannies and lavish lifestyles. SALT follows the two completely opposite characters, Pearl and Hari. Pearl is the beautiful daughter of Bowles, a ruling family. Whereas Hari is a dark skinned scavenger from the Company conquered Blood Borrows city. One element from the book I thought was interesting was that it was as if they had gone back in time, to the days when fathers decided when and who their daughters married, and females were not regarded as equal to males. When Pearl is forced to marry the cruel dictator Ottmar, she runs away. Wanting an escape from her arranged marriage and the cruelness of her Company people. Pearl and her maid and mentor, Tealeaf, run away and start a heroic journey of which neither saw coming. The theme that people are a product of their upbringing was also explored in the novel and left me fascinated as to how different people I know are effected by their upbringing for instance people from poor or rich families, people who have divorced parents, and how this effects there personality.

Maurice Gee’s novel, SALT, made me think about bigger social issues such as feminism. The main character, Pearl, is a symbol of feminism as her role in…

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