Analysis Of The Book ' Rules Of The Game ' By Amy Tan Essay

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We have studied three short stories during this week. All three stories had one common factor of strong and impressive characters, and the character traits explained in the notes are well used and applied differently in each story.

The story of “Rules of the Game” by Amy Tan is about a Chess prodigy who lived on Waverly Place in the Chinatown of San Francisco. Waverly Jong, is the major character in this story, she is the protagonist who self learned chess at a young age. Like the story tells, the six year old girl has a complex personality, which makes her a round character. While she portrays as a contradictory person in the story, and the resolving of conflict, on the other hand, she is also a dynamic character who changes over time. For instance, her misunderstanding to her mother’s scarifies, but at the end, she realizes all.

Waverly Jone is also has an indirect characterization, the way she consider things drives us to think and draw conclusions about her traits. She judges and talks about other characters in the story. From her action, we are able to know about her hard working on self learning chess, and her curiosity of learning chess. Also not to forget, Waverly is also a girl who could not understand her mother’s words, she infers about what her mother says, and her rebellious which directs her running away. The development of Waverly’s characterization connects the story up into a whole, and leads us to dig more about the character while we read about her.


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