Analysis Of The Book ' Romans ' Essay

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The book of Romans, as stated previously, is a letter, often called an epistle. It falls under the genre of hortatory and expository literature (Kostenberger 2011:780). According to Kostenberger, when referring to epistle literature, “it is here that we find the bulk of the New Testament instructions as to how we should live our lives as believers today” (2011:453). Thus, Romans 3:21-27, which makes up a section of the book of Romans, falls under the same genre as Romans. The passage being discussed takes place in the third chapter of the book of Romans in the body of the letter. Black claims the book has a vivacious style, and that “it has been influenced by the style of the spoken diatribe of the period” (Black 1989:14). Diatribe was a rhetorical device often used by Paul, which involved an imaginary interlocutor (Fitzmyer p. 359), or someone who questioned what Paul said for the sake of Paul’s argument. This device is seen throughout the whole book of Romans and in verse 27 of chapter 3 when Paul writes “Then what becomes of our boasting? It is excluded. By what kind of law? By a law of works? No, but by the law of faith.” Before the passage can be understood appropriately, a couple words/phrases need to be defined in order for the passage to be understood clearly. The first word, justification or justified, according to Longman, is “perhaps the leading doctrinal contribution of Romans” (2008:70). Justification “is interpreted as God’s act of deliverance wrought through…

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