Analysis Of The Book ' Romans For Christians ' Essay

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Paul writes the book of Romans for Christians to identify the sinful nature of man that does not to respond to the requirement of the law of God. According to Paul, the law is just, holy, and good. God intended for Christians to serve God with the whole mind, but Christians often fail to please God because of our sinful nature. In Romans, Paul shows his frustration towards the way Christians were identifying themselves, and in Chapter 7, he shows a deeper level of frustration. Paul aims to abide with the law of God and rejoice in it by doing what is right. Unfortunately, he knows his body will not be in agreement with the desire to serve God wholeheartedly. As humans, doing what is right can be difficult because humans are eager to respond to impulses initiated by temptation. Because of the sinful nature of man, human desires and impulses may feel normal or right. Often, the flesh will win the battle over the desires of the mind. This composition is intended to examine the weakness of the flesh exposed by Paul, and to prove that all things become new when people surrender their lives to Jesus. Paul discusses in Chapter 7 how being baptized, or born again, allows us to be free from the bondage of sin, and be instruments of righteousness.
Christianity and Christians have undergone a lot of changes in the contemporary society. This is to ensure that they are in line with the changes that have taken place in the contemporary society, and are still being witnesses as times…

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