Analysis Of The Book ' Revelation ' Essay

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In the Book of Revelation, the main purpose of the Tribulation is to bring Israel back to God. Theses bound Seals are part of God’s promise to show Satan’s Beasts before Christ’s return so He can set up a rebirth for His believers. As Jesus opens the first seal, a white horse and rider go forth on earth. This breaking of the first seal is imperative, and that the world identifies the first rider as they are key to understanding the three that follow. The Antichrist and his kingdom are obviously what Jesus is unveiling by the rider on the white horse. A leader, such as Adolf Hitler as a worldwide conqueror rides on a horse symbolizing his personal goals, ambitions, desires, liberation, and personal powers. In Scripture, the purpose of this rider is, “a conqueror set on conquest”. One of the most interesting thing that John sees is that the white horse comes with a bow that represents his military power, and the crown that represents their place as a ruler or their ability to conquer as ruler. Since the rider in the first seal is of false peace, there have to be close similarities between him and Scriptures misfortunes. Ushering in a false peace promises Adolf Hitler is an Aryan nation that he promises to solve their problems, and that they will victorious as seen by the crown he carries.
Adolf Hitler is born on April 20, 1889, in a small Austrian town to Alois Hitler and his wife Klara. Supposedly, Hitler’s father Alois Schicklgruber [Alois Hitler] is the son of a…

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