Analysis Of The Book ' Rainbow 's End ' By Maury Klein Essays

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Rainbow 's End: very renowned author, Maury Klein, writes The Crash of 1929. Klein perhaps could have chosen a more suitable title for this book, but it got his ideas and perceptions of the market crash of 1929 with an intense and gripping fashion. The book tells the story of the stock market crash, also known as “Black Thursday”. Klein is known to be an author of many books on personalities and institutions, which have often taken, center stage in American business, focuses here on financial events and trends leading up to the stock market crash. Klein is a professor of history at the University of Rhode Island who uses this book to introduce the journey of 1920’s through his vision.

“Marx, the jig is up!”. Something that Maury Klein makes very clear in this book is the crash of the bull market that led to the 1929 crash, which was indeed a “jig”. This was something financial advisor Max Gorden told Groucho Marx on Black Tuesday (p. 232). It identified how the wealthy investors manipulated and rigged the game in their favor. Klein mentions investors like Joseph P. Kennedy, Bernard Baruch, President Herbert Hoover and Democratic national chairman John J. Raskob made vast changes to their investments before the crash occurred. It was through bribes and pools that these people made a large profit and stacked against the “minnows”, as the insiders termed the small investors. Rainbow’s End continues to tell a story of the stock market collapse. Klein introduces us to many men…

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