Analysis Of The Book ' Rabbit And Tortoise ' Essay

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It was November 1st, 1839, Charles Ross’s birthday. The mom planned to have family games, folk storytelling, and an abundant feast incorporating a great cake. The family had, as one could say, superficial fun. In the strategic games like chess and checkers, the fun was solely from winning the game, rather than the socializing itself. The folk storytelling was a disappointment compared to other families. The only two people who told stories were the mom, Karmin Ross and Hannek Ross, brother of Charles. Karmin tried to have a lot of emphasis in her story. Afterall, she just wanted peace and a calm mood alleviating the irresistable distance between Charles and his dad, Damien Charles. On the other hand, the brother of Charles just wanted to express his bond between Charles and himself and to have fun. From his “Rabbit and Tortoise” story with a plot twist, Hannek managed to get a grin off Charles. The dinner table was packed. It had two chickens, one pound of beef, a salmon, and a lot more delicacies. Unfortunately, in terms of sociality, the dinner table was very still, abandoned of intimate conversations.
The sweet expensive cake of strawberry flavor was held dearly to the parents. The cake was about thirty-six dollars. It was double layered with the best quality cream spelling out “Charles Ross, Happy Birthday.” On the inside was deluxe harlequin ice cream coated with sponge cake. The mom got the knife, and started to dig the knife into the surface of the aromatic…

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