Analysis Of The Book ' Precious Bat ' By Bernard Malamud Essay

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“We have two lives, Roy, the life we learn with and the life we live with after that. Suffering is what brings us toward happiness” (152). These are the lines from The Natural written by Bernard Malamud, which Iris Lemon says to Roy Hobbs after he told her all the suffer he faced before he becomes a well-known baseball player. The author gives hopes to the readers that Roy will definitely find his happiness towards the end of the novel. However, Bernard Malamud ends the climactic game between the Knights and the Pirates with a frustrating, depressing scene for the readers; Wonderboy, Roy Hobbs’ precious bat, breaks into two pieces after he hit a foul ball and Roy Hobbs does not manage to hit the last ball thrown by the pitcher. Even though Roy realizes his mistake of conspiring with The Judge and Gus, he still could not win the pennant for his team. Roy does learn from his suffering, there is also some hope for everyone who is not a "natural." He is just too late to wake up from his long sleep under Memo and the Judge but as the quote said, “Better late than never”. Based on the style of writing Bernard Malamud uses during the climactic game, the readers got a hope that Roy Hobbs is going to win the game. Malamud should write a better ending for Roy Hobbs in the story. Based on the dialogues imply in the novel, Roy Hobbs should win the final game for himself, Pop Fisher, Iris Lemon, the Knights and his fans. Roy Hobbs is a hero to himself. The author should write a better…

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