Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Pink Ice '

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Pink Ice in the Urinal:
This chapter opens by talking about the masters, and how one year Herman Miller was invited to go to the masters so in order decide what to do they formed a few committees to discuss how to spruce up the facility. One person mentioned that they could put pink ice in the urinals. I thought that this was absolutely crazy, because how would the color of the ice change anyone’s opinion about the facility as a whole. This chapter focuses on all the little things that a company needs to do in order to not only separate themselves from the competition but also what they need to do to be seen in a good light. Whether that be evaluating managers ideas and attitudes about certain things or simply changing the color of the ice that is in the men’s room.
What’s Next?:
In any business, you can never really stop making decisions because there are so many variables that are constantly changing around you if you stop reacting you will be in a bad position. The main point of this chapter in my opinion was to show that reviewing decisions is imperative to achieving success. What stuck out most to me from this chapter was the insight that it is just not possible for everybody to know and understand everything. With this being said, committee work and strong managers should be able to identify what they can and can’t do and then figure out what else needs to be either outsourced or simply figured out internally. Basically, value in corporations is derived from their…

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