Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Persian Girls '

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Persian Girls is the biography of a writer who lived in a country where women have been facing discrimination and oppression since the past many decades. The memoir identifies the life of an ordinary Iranian girl who is not willing to conform to the stereotypical norms of the society and her family. The girl wanted to pursue her career in writing and achieve success. The literary work is an effort to highlight the problems faced by women in Muslim World that do not give them the freedom to live a successful life and pursue a career in the field of arts. The story also reveals the importance of determination and fortitude to achieve goals. “Persian Girls” is the story of hope, dreams, sisterhood and oppression.
Since the past many decades Iran has been facing the oppression of minorities and women at the hands of the brutal society norms where individual freedom and liberty are just the dreams of ambitious people. United Nations and many other international organisations that are genuinely concerned with human rights have identified the cruel treatment of the Iranian society that has limited the opportunities for women in media, the legal system, and political organisations. Many feminist movements were carried out in Iran that aided women in achieving liberty to some extent but the actions were used politically and were crushed through several brutal tactics. (Osanloo)
The research study aims to highlight the crucial issue of discrimination faced by the women in Iran. The…

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