Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Perseus ' Quest '

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Title of Story: Perseus’ Quest
Strength: It is a clear and concise title, easy to understand and comprehend what the game will be about.
Weakness: It might not invite the player’s curiosity at first.
Enhancement: The title could be, instead of Perseus’ Quest, something that triggers curiosity and calls the attention, such as Perseus’ Odyssey or Medusas’ Huntsman. Genre: The genre is missing/not on the document
Strength: N/A.
Weakness: N/A.
Enhancement: I assume that it would be action/adventure with some puzzles in between the quests, in order to keep on moving on the storyline. Theme: Perseverance
Strength: It is one of the hardest things to learn and be able to endure in anyone’s life; and this as a theme suits perfectly with the story of Perseus trying to achieve his goal.
Weakness: N/A.
Enhancement: Apart from perseverance, it could also be about cooperation, and in the end, accepting oneself for who they truly are too – since Perseus was a fisherman before starting the hunt of Medusa, and maybe during his journey, even making the wrong decisions and having difficulties in his path, he could realize his own worth as a person; no matter what he is or could have been, but never giving up to change for the better. Historical Context: Ancient Greece
Strength: It is consistent in matters of myth.
Weakness: N/A.
Enhancement: There could also be a track of the latest events related with other locations and how would it affect the surroundings of the Ancient Greece in…

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