Analysis Of The Book ' Parrot On The Over ' By Victor Martinez

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The book “Parrot in the Oven” is an extended metaphor; the metaphor is about a person’s ignorance. In the beginning of the story, Manny is a parrot in the oven. He is naive to the world around him. However, throughout the Novel many grows up and is no longer a “Parrot in the over.” Victor Martinez’s “Parrot in the over” is a bildungsroman, a coming of age novel where the main character learns a valuable life lesson, the tittle “Parrot in the over” is an extended metaphor because through Manny’s dad having a drinking problem leading to him trying to kill Manny’s mom, Manny almost killing Pedi, and Manny participating in a crime Manny realizes what kin fog persons he wants to be and therefore, grows up. In the beginning, Manny learns a lesson through his father pore actions which is the first step of him growing up. Manny learns that his father has a drinking problem when he realizes why he’s always at the Rico’s which is like a sports bar for Mexicans to talk drink and other things like that. While coming from Rico’s Manny’s mother realized how angry his father was starting to look and she realized that her life and her children may have been in danger. During this period Manny’s father came home and that when it all changed he grabbed his Rifle and he was going to accomplish what he set out to do and that was to shoot Manny’s mother. Manny family was falling apart right in front of his face but what could he do about it he’s just a kid but in his own words he explains,…

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