Analysis Of The Book ' Outlier ' By Malcolm Gladwell Essays

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In chapter 1 of the book Outlier by Malcolm Gladwell, Gladwell introduces the “Matthew effect” which he gives his general description of an individual merit. An individual merit is earned by evaluating people’s performance across a wide range of potentials skills. He gives an example of a Canadian hockey player who rises to the top of sport in Canada. As a young child, Canadian boys begins to plays sport at the beginner level, before they were even in kindergarten. From that point on, there are leagues for every age class, and at each of those levels, the players are sifted, groomed and evaluated. And by the time players reach mid-teens, the very best of the best have been channeled into an elite league known as Major Junior A, which is the top of the pyramid. Gladwell shows his audience that success is achieved from hard work and individual merit. Second, Gladwell demonstrate his thesis through an argument of the book by pointing out there is something wrong with the way we view success. Success is earned by a person who is favorable or prosperous termination of attempts. For instance, successful people do not receive success based on talent alone, but it is earned by a result of various hidden benefits. The book Outliers reveals that the hidden benefits to his viewer as more precise understanding of how success is formed. His point shows an analogy of the tallest tree in the forest grew tall not just because its seed has some special qualities but because of a confidence…

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