Analysis Of The Book ' Our Lady Of Paris ' Essay

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When reading In Other Rooms, Other Wonders, clothing is used as a literary tool by both the author and the narrator to give readers a better clarity of the personalities of the characters, and the implications that come with clothing and the ways it’s worn. There are several cases of this in the book but Mr. and Mrs. Harouni, in particular, are the few characters that make the importance of clothing be more acknowledged by the readers since their clothing is emphasized more so than the other characters’ clothing. In the short story, “Our Lady of Paris,” both characters are described as rich, privileged people. Mrs. Harouni is portrayed as charismatic, bold and extravagant in her taste for things, while Mr. Harouni is portrayed as “a smallish man with a little mustache, precisely dressed in a thick brown tweed suit with a vest and muted tie and brilliantly shined shoes of a distinctive tan color” (Mueenuddin, pg. 147). This only strengthens our idea of him as a tycoon, despite being emasculated by his small stature. His status as a very rich man with a great deal of political and economic power is shown to the readers through his physical appearance. He does this with great intention, seeking to set himself apart from the classes below his own and to claim his position as the King of Harouni Acres, his miniature empire. In the way Mr. Harouni is described and the parallels drawn between him and the other high-class Pakistanis by the narrator, it is evident that Mr. Harouni is…

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