Analysis Of The Book ' Orange Is The New Black ' Essay

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There are numerous of stories to why female inmates end up in prison serving for a short or long sentence. Every person that ends up incarcerated it is for their own fault and no one else. Piper Kerman, the author of the book, Orange is the New Black, had stories similar and different to the other female offenders. Her incarceration is something to be speechless for, because of the type of criminal offense she committed, ignoring the education she had already achieved, and because of the socioeconomic status she had. Once in prison, Piper learned how to communicate with the inmates and guards. All in all, the story of Kerman is a good one to look into to reflect before committing a wrong move. Orange is the New Black, is based on a true story by an ex-convict, Piper Kerman, best known as Chapman. In the memoir, Kerman tells how she got involved in drug trafficking and money laundering and how she was later punished to one year of incarceration. The extraordinary story of Kerman begins after graduating from Smith College when she started a relationship with a woman named Alex Vause. The relationship was great at the beginning, but it later changed when Kerman 's partner convinced her to smuggle money into another country for a West African drug lord. Kerman was lucky never to get caught for committing this type of crime. One day, she realized that she needed a change in her life and for that reason took a different path in her life and got separated from Alex…

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