Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' On Sparta '

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"On Sparta" Book Review
Plutarch 's take on the history of "On Sparta" was written in such a way that readers may not take every piece of information literally. One may be led to believe that Plutarch wrote this book with the idea that he was not trying to be historically correct. The exaggerated parts of the lives of Lycurgus, Agesilaus, Agis, and Cleomenes should be understood as more of a fable rather than an actual piece of history.
“On Sparta" has a great balance between the lives and sayings of Spartan men and women sections. The Sayings section is almost comical. The use of few words was really essential to their cleverness. A quote in particular, found on page 178 under Pausanias Son of Pleistoanax talks about a man’s visit to the doctor. The conversation goes as followed: "When another doctor said to him: 'You have become an old man, ' he said: 'Yes because I didn’t employ you as my doctor '." Funny comments like the previous one really made the Sayings section enjoyable to read. “On Sparta” covers the lives of Lycurgus, Agesilaus, Agis, and Cleomenes and different sayings of the Spartan men and women. The lifestyle of each Spartan was set in stone from their beliefs all the way down to the food they ate. Everything they did in their everyday life was done with purpose. They always had the intentions if doing the right thing even if it did not seem that way. Structure and equality was all they practiced though sometimes it did not seem fair. The way the…

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