Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Old School '

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Throughout Old School, the narrator establishes the different social classes in the novel, showing the differences between the scholarship kids and the wealthy students. Social groups that are separated by economic status and racial classification damages how the narrator develops his identity because he is trying to assimilate into his environment by hiding race and financial instability. Categorizing people into classes affects humans and leads them to conceal themselves when trying to fit a mold or live up to someone’s standards and/or expectations.
As the narrator is introducing his story, the reader can conclude that financial and racial class plays a big part into how the narrator views himself and the people around him. He constantly diminishes and compares himself to the wealthier males at the prep school. The speaker hides facts about who he is, but one thing the reader can gather is that the voice is a scholarship student. For instance, the narrator stated that during the summer he worked as a dishwasher in the kitchen crew at a YMCA camp. The “book-drunk” boys do not have the financial stability of the other males. They are not able to afford nor do they have the same leisures in life of the others. “It was understood that some of the boys might get a leg up from their famous names or great wealth, but if privilege immediately gave them a place, the rest of us liked to think it was a perilous place. You could never advance in it, you could only try not to lose it…

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