Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Now I Lay Me '

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Mark Seiden, PhD, suggests that Nick Adams is Hemingway 's protagonist and alter ego in Now I Lay Me, as well as numerous short stories because Nick suffers from insomnia due to his brutal battlefield injury which brought him face to face with death just as Hemingway himself had trouble sleeping or being able to shut his eyes without reliving the horrors he endured. This alter ego, Nick Adams, is traumatized by the war and seems to float around which is a characteristic all too familiar with the Lost Generation. Seiden states that In A Way You’ll Never Be, Nick is a hypomanic, trauma sufferer who experiences peculiar and dissociated flashbacks of the battle in which he was shot. He does what he can to avoid recurrences, and has begun to understand the rhythm and usefulness (and limitations) of his hypomanic episodes—which is to say, that they serve, somewhat paradoxically, the adaptive function of organizing his overwhelmed state of mind" (Seiden 94). Hemingway had the habit of exaggerating to basically satisfy his audience which is similar to Krebs who would lie and exaggerate so people would hear what they wanted to. "His lies were unimportant lies and... incidents familiar to all soldiers”. In Soldier’s Home, Hemingway’s alter ego, now named “Krebs” (but essentially the same Nick Adams character), returns home from the war to find that he is unable to relate to his family and neighbors. He feels he has to “lie,” that is, to tell them all only what they want to hear about…

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