Analysis Of The Book ' No Matter ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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No matter how far Jim tries to runaway, Jim remains unfree. Initially when Jim and Huck attempt to runaway, Jim voices that he specifically wants a “raff” because “it doan’ make no track.” No matter where Jim goes throughout the novel, he will remain unfree unless he is able to make it to Cairo. Cairo is Jim’s promised land where he can truly be free from the chains of slavery. In order to get there, he has to avoid all the people who are a potential threat to his freedom. He understands the harsh reality of being a man of color in a racist society. Jim also has the burden of taking blame for Huck’s feigned death. As a result a three hundred dollar bounty is placed on his head. The significance of him running away increases from the bounty. Therefore, it is easier for him to not have to worry about his tracks being followed since because he already has the burden of staying unseen by others that may try to take away his chance of freedom. Jim is ultimately at the mercy of at everyone in the novel, even Huck. He is constantly hiding from others while depending on Huck to dispel any unwanted company.[“‘Here I is, Huck. Is dey out o’ sight yit? Don’t talk loud.’ He was in the river, under the stern oar, with just his nose out. I told him they was out of sight, so he come aboard”]. Because Jim, is not legally a free man, he is at the mercy of Huck as well. Huck could easily turn Jim in, and in fact, Huck debates with himself about it because he feels bad about how he helped…

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