Analysis Of The Book ' Night ' Essay

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Renesmee and Jacob lay in the forest near a waterfall that splashes freshwater with fresh air. Renesmee looks intently at Jacob, who she feels has been hiding something from her since last night, when he called someone and didn 't tell her who it was. Even though she was trying to figure what he was hiding, she was enjoying the breeze and how some of the flowers surrounding her bloomed as she looked at them. She wished she was one of them, mostly the Starflower that was purple with a little bit of white in the center. The trees swayed in such a beautiful manner that she just couldn 't describe it. The birds chirped and sang with a beautiful melody that she thought it was for her. Then Renesmee felt a hand touch her back and she turned around it was her beloved boyfriend. Just like any other day they spent together, night came. Renesmee is outside of her house in her swing, reading novels when all of a sudden Jacob touches her back and she jumps up. “ Come….I have something special for you.” Jacob says, and Renesmee follows. “ Renesmee close your eyes for a moment please.” Jacob says, and grabs her hand as she closes her eyes and walks her “ You can now open them.” Jacob says after a few moments. Then, he awaits for her reaction. Renesmee opens her eyes and she sees small candles around the petals of a rose that form a heart. Inside there are letters, speaking ‘You Have Stolen My Heart’. When Renesmee looks up amazed, Jacob isn 't there anymore. She waits there for a few…

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