Analysis Of The Book ' Night ' Essay examples

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Night is a book describing a historic nightmare known as the holocaust. It is a memoir written by a survivor of this nightmare named Ellie Wiesel. Wiesel, in writing this story, has become the voice of the millions who no longer have one. There is great power in the voice of one speaking for many and Night is the evidence of that power. The purpose of this writing is to sum up the memoir of the story teller, to describe the power of his one voice and to express the overall affect Night has on its reader. The shocking and horrific images described in Night and the strength and hope being shattered into hopelessness and despair, then being motivated with nothing but the will to survive, provides a personal level of human understanding for the reader. In the preface to the new translation Wiesel writes, "If in my life I was to write one book, it would be this one"(p. vii). This describes the central importance this book has to Wiesel 's life and furthermore, its importance to the world of its readers. In Night, Wiesel begins with his life as a young Jew in a town called Sighet located in Transylvania. Wiesel describes himself as a boy who was eager to learn about the world he knew and the religion of his people. His life begins to change as the war effort expands and it is discovered that all Jews are to be placed in certain locations to be called ghettos. Many were removed from their homes in order to be placed in these locations but Wiesel 's family home…

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