Essay about Analysis Of The Book Night Road Sends

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Some books are make you tear up, some make you bawl, some cause no emotion. The book Night Road sends even a calloused reader on a road of twisting curves that come to halting stop. The novel starts with a young fourteen year old, Lexi, who has been through seven foster homes in five years. Recently, she said goodbye to her mom who finally died of a heroine overdose. When Lexi’s caseworker tells her she has another family for her, it is different this time. Immediately as Lexi hears the word family, she says, “Another family. That’s great. Thanks, Ms. Watters” (Hannah 6). Lexi automatically assumes that it is just another temporary home, so she was not exactly elated. Ms. Watters soon tells Lexi, “You have relatives, Lexi. I found your great-aunt. She’s sixty-six years old and she lives in Port George, Washington” (Hannah 6). Surprised, but it was like victory bells ringing in her ears. Once she got put into the hands of her loving Aunt, her life was finally put on track. On her first day of school, she met her a girl who would be her friend through high school, Mia. Mia was the twin sister of Zach, a charming, popular boy who Lexi would watch secretly for the next three years. It was not until senior year when they confessed their love for each other. When everything started to go well, a tragic car crash strikes. Mia, Zach, and Mia decided to get into a car and driving, knowing they were all drunk. The result is the death of Mia. Dear Diary,
Lexi here…after my first day…

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