Analysis Of The Book ' Night ' By Elie Wiesel Essay

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From 1935 to 1947, Jewish citizens of Europe were deprived of their citizenship and rights. German soldiers known as Nazis led by Adolf Hitler, took over countries in Europe and deported thousands of Jews to concentration camps where they were incinerated, forced into labor, and tortured in many other ways. Elie Wiesel was still a teenager when he was taken from his home to Auschwitz concentration camp and then to Buchenwald. His accounts of these experiences are noted in his memoir, Night. Wiesel offers an insightful analysis regarding the horrors that the Jews went through during the Holocaust. This memoir describes his account of the Nazi death camp that turned Wiesel into a witness to the death of his family, the death of his innocence, and the dwindling purpose of what God meant to him. His faith and courage were all tested when he was put into situations involving inhumanity, father and son relationships, with his own guilt and inaction, and having and losing faith in god The Holocaust revolved around one group of people 's inhumanity towards another group of people. In this case of the Jews, the German government and German society attempted to redefine them as soulless, and then as creatures who deserved to die. Night not only focused on the Nazis and their torturous behaviour, but it also looks at what it is like for a child to live in a situation where he and those around him are no longer treated as humans. The loss of humanity among the victims leads to all…

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