Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' My Story '

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My story is about a girl called Mathilda and her family, who called for the doctor to visit them at their home.

The doctor hasn’t met this patient before as he is a new doctor in the surgery’s practice. The doctor’s receptionist gives the name Olson plus details of their address, so he can visit them.

When the doctor arrived, he was met by a distressed looking mother waiting anxiously for him to see her daughter. The lady was well groomed rather polite, who seemed apologetic, because they couldn’t attend the surgery. She welcomed him into her home explaining her daughter was in the kitchen. Consequently, they had to go through a long passage back into the rear end of the kitchen. She made excuses for the miasma dampness linger a stench throughout the house, the kind of an affects up your nostrils as well as the dirty untidiness made her feel embarrassed of their living conditions. The back end kitchen had an illuminated fire, bringing a feeling of warmth from the woody, smoky kindle burning in the shade 's of amber within the fireplace.

The doctor saw I wasn’t in pyjamas, but fully clothed and sat upon dad knee in a cosy chair not far from the kitchen table. Mum then introduced him to dad and myself; he appeared tall in stature, rather stocky casually dressed with wiry, but bushy silver hair; had piercing blue eyes with rounded gold coloured glasses perched on the end of his nose; kind of mad professor type. He looked at me with his blue eyes; I just wanted to curl up…

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