Analysis Of The Book ' My Sister 's Keeper ' Essay

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Young Anna states, “See, unlike the rest of the free world, I didn 't get here by accident. And if your parents have you for a reason then that reason better exist. Because once it 's gone, so are you” (22). Anna is a thirteen year old girl who struggles with the difficulty of ownership of her body. Being a designer baby, made only to keep her older sister alive, Anna strives for a better life and a more logical solution to the continuous torture she endures throughout the novel. “My Sister’s Keeper” discusses the ambiguous line between right and wrong and how a sister’s bond keeps these two girls closer than ever while Anna fights for the right to her body. As the novel progresses there is a common question written between every page. Anna having autonomy over her body is the ultimate argument the the battle to engage in the decision making process of her life. When it comes to it Anna should have the last say in what happens to her body.
Every child, with a capable capacity to make realistic and logical decisions, should be able to make the final resolution of any medical procedure being performed on their person. Hardship and tragedy engulfs the pages of this novel as susceptible Anna battles for medical emancipation. According to PMC, “Autonomy is usually considered as a main principle in making decisions about individuals’ health” (Paragraph 1). Not having a say in how your blood, tissue, or even organs are being used seems unethical along with crossing a moral line as…

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