Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' My Sister 's Keeper '

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My initial thoughts, after I completed reading My Sister’s Keeper, coexisted as disbelief and misunderstanding. I uncovered it ironic that Kate, the sister that I anticipated to pass away, persisted alive, while Anna, the benefactor, died unexpectedly. In my mind, I assumed the end of the book to entail Kate dying from her Leukemia, with Anna bearing a devastating sense of guilt for aiding her sister in her death. This book taught my to retain an open mind – expect the unexpected. It simply illustrated the true ignorance of the mind; individuals tend to jump to conclusions, yet our judgments often appear misjudged and inappropriate. Although Anna finally acquired what she desired – medical emancipation from her parents – she immediately passed away in a car accident after the court hearing, while in the hands of her lawyer. In fact, the man who saved her life also took it away. Anna died as soon as she was cleansed, or unburdened, from her purpose in life – saving Kate. When Brian discovered Anna’s body on that rainy night, I stood in absolute astonishment. The book should not end this way, it cannot. Even though the ending offered the conception that Anna died with a clear conscious and personal freedom, it did not answer questions about Kate. In the end, Anna ended up acquiring what she anticipated in her life; her kidney still went to her sister, a procedure that the whole book centered around. If Anna’s kidney went to Kate anyways, did the court hearing even serve a…

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