Analysis Of The Book ' My People The Sioux ' Essay

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The United States of America has a long American Indian history. These people were the first people to inhabit the new world or the Western Hemisphere of the Earth. South Dakota is the current home of the Sioux Nation tribe. South Dakota has ten reservations located in our state, one that covers part of Nebraska (Johnston, n.d., para. 4). South Dakota is one of the many states where American Indian traditions are still celebrated. Through all the struggles and the triumphant Sioux pride has remained. Luther Standing Bear wrote the book My People the Sioux to show how his life was changed through assimilation. Although American Indian’s way of life has changed over the years, their spirit has not been broken. The largest change in American Indian life is the change from their hunter-gather lifestyle to reservation life. My People the Sioux begins by stating “Many years ago they traveled all over the Western country, hunting, camping, and enjoying life to its utmost, in the many beautiful spots where they found the best wood and water (Standing Bear, 1975, p. 3). The main reason that the American Indians moved around so much is because of the bison. The bison were their main source of food, so as the bison migrated, so would the American Indians (“People of the Bison”, 2003, para. 3). The American Indians have always been respectful of the bison by only killing the bison that they needed and using every part of the bison, but unfortunately not all people were as respectful…

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